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After Nearly 25 Years…

Fr. Jansen String, the rector of St. George’s and St. Matthew’s for nearly 25 years, retired on May 5. We all extend to him and his wife Conni our best wishes, warmest affection, and deepest gratitude as they turn this page in their lives. You can read the press release here.

Who We Are

Welcoming. Supportive. Centered. St. George's and St. Matthew's serves the spiritual needs of its members, supports the community, and witnesses to a rich Anglican faith handed down through the centuries.

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Origin of the Advent Wreath

The Advent wreath, like so many of our cherished Christmas traditions, originated in Germany.

A thick evergreen wreath adorned with with four candles: this is the image that comes to mind when we think of a classic Advent wreath. They’re as common as Christmas trees in German homes during the run-up to Christmas—and not uncommon here. So what is the origin of this magical German tradition? The Advent wreath made its debut in Hamburg, in the early 19th century. Christmas was a big deal in Hamburg’s evangelical Rauhe Haus (House), a foundation founded in 1833 by Johann Hinrich Wichern to care for orphans. In the pre-Christmas season, the children pestered Wichern continuously, asking him how many days remained before Christmas. So, in 1839, to address this annual problem, Wichern fashioned a kind of Christmas calendar—a cartwheel decorated with lights. Read more…