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Easter Sunday, Holy Eucharist Rite I w/ Sermon

Easter Rising

He is risen, risen from the dead!
What mystery contains these words
That God who lives eternally
has died a human death?
But risen is he, as he said he would be
by the Spirit within
who resisted not death's grip but embraced the fatal hold
and after three days breaking it, as he said he would,
revealed that he was who he said he was:
God among us, the only Son
whom we, in our neglect of God and all that's good,
as he knew we would, nailed to a cross.
But he is risen now a glorious king
with a word for his executioners:
"God's forgiven everything."
God has done what he said he would do:
a world old and done has been made new.
Through a Son's oblation, God's accomplished our redemption;
with the help of a Woman, he has crushed the serpent's head;
and the salvation so long-awaited at last's revealed:
by a solemn Easter rising, the human soul is healed!

—Fr. Jansen String, 2016