Sometimes, to discover new answers, you have to embrace something old.

St. George's & St. Matthew's altar_HDR.jpeg

Regarding our spiritual journeys, a wise theologian once observed:

"There is no spiritual path outside of [...] revealed religion, which provides spiritual seekers with a metaphysical doctrine and spiritual method, but also with a spiritual environment of beauty and holiness."

When you walk into a church to pray, you can feel the lingering presence of thousands of prayers constantly offered up in that holy place. You can feel the peace. A love envelops you. You perceive you are not alone in your spiritual quest or in struggling to cope with life's challenges. But it doesn't take long before you also realize it isn't you doing most of the seeking; surprisingly, it is instead God relentlessly seeking you, with arms outstretched.

Come be a part of an ancient spiritual tradition—and a family inviting you home. Join us.