March 2016

Dear Friends,

        Included in this newsletter is a letter to me from Josephine Sekajipo in which she writes about the organization that she has founded, Geebamu International, whose goal it is to support the people of Liberia with medical care. I hope that you will read it and give her organization your support.  I’d like for our vestry to do something in an organized way to help her. As a faithful member of our congregation, she deserves it.

       Josephine came to this country about twenty years ago, fleeing the violence of the Liberian civil war. Her husband was murdered before her eyes. Left with two small children, her situation was difficult. But she showed strength and resolve. She came to this country with nothing but her two children, her deep Christian faith and hope in America. When she arrived in Baltimore, the first thing she did was to seek out our church. Fr. Hart, our dear friend, her parish priest at home in Liberia, sent her to us. Many of her new neighbors advised her to get on welfare. Josephine would have none of that. She went to work at a nursing home and she watched over her children like a hawk, praying with them daily. After many years of going thru the process she became an American citizen. Josephine Jr. graduated from college and now works for the TSA and Jonathan, the finest young man you’ll ever meet, is a senior at Towson, hoping to become a physical therapist. At a time when this country is debating the positives and negatives of our immigration policy, Josephine represents the best that this county has to offer. When I asked Josephine why she was doing this she said that now that her kids are grown and she had more time, she wanted to do something to help those less fortunate than her. Let’s get behind her and help her out. The people of Liberia are among the poorest in the world. This is a perfect example of what the message of Palm Sunday and Easter is: faith in Jesus Christ is the greatest power for good the world.

            This coming Sunday is Palm Sunday. I’ll be preaching the message of the cross. Between services we will have the family breakfast. Our head chief, Ed Kopicki, has been laid low this winter with a broken ankle, but he is up again, not exactly running, but he assures me that he has a special menu prepared. Please come and enjoy the fellowship.

     We will have services on Holy Thursday @7pm. This service, which reflects on the Last Supper and the institution of the Holy Eucharist, concludes with the dramatic stripping of the altar.

     We will have one service of the Stations of the Cross with a short meditation on the last words of Christ on Good Friday @ 7pm.

     Easter Sunday we will have services of the Holy Eucharist @ 8 and 10 am, followed by coffee hour in the undercroft, andthe Easter Egg Hunt for the children in the garden, (children, bring a basket for eggs).